Has anybody had experience using Windows 8 on a macbook pro? Is it a good one?

I was just wondering if any of the forum users here have had experienced with using a Macbook Pro running windows 8. Just curious as in my recent hunt for a high performance laptop I've found that my preferred Asus u500 (UX51VZ) appears to be almost matching the Retina Macbook at its lofty £1800 price.

Considering that I've heard a number of anecdotes about SSD's (of many kinds) being prone to failiure and performance laptops in general being occasionally prone to heating/maintenance issues I was wondering if it would be worth me trying out the Windows 8 that I'd like to use on a laptop backed by good quality support.

So has anyone tried the macbook/Win8 combo and does the trackpad in particular work well with the OS?