Tweet to Print for mail to @futurepaul

On the latest Vergecast at the end, Nilay mentioned that there needs to be a tweet to print for Paul while he is offline. In about 15 minutes, I set this up...

Read on to find out how to set it up yourself, in limited detail.

A video of it all in action, I apologize for the bad quality, Windows Phone over-compresses videos for sharing

video (via Rahat Maini)

Here is a little closing photo



So here is what you need for MY method. There are other ways to do this.

  • HP printer equipped with HP's ePrint service
  • Twitter account
  • account (its free)

Its much simpler than creating some sort of PHP script that runs all the time in the background on your Mac.

You need a recipe on IFTTT to scan Twitter for a specific keyword (#mailtofuturepaul), and email an address when the keyword is found. That email needs to be your printer's ePrint email address. So when someone tweets via that hashtag, your printer (could be the Verge's Office printer) will print the tweet out!

I would love to hear comments on thoughts, additions, or simplifications if possible, and maybe criticism for using a Windows Phone.