Doubts on buying the Lumia 920

So I have wanted a 920 since its announcement, confused (mostly in disagreement) when theverge reviewed it mentioning alot of compromise to own one. After plenty of failed attempts to have one shipped to my country and after reading plenty of articles about 920 issues. For the first time Im starting to doubt if I should get one. The main reason why I'am sacrificing all the extra little features in android to come to WP8 is its stability. I'am well aware that not everybody is facing issues but I dont want to take the risk Add to this the lack of good games, and some people reporting short battery life ( I dont want to manage my background tasks, this is not android), my opinion of the device being too big for the screen size (I dont mind the size I just wish the screen was bigger to compliment the size) Rumors are the nexus 4 is coming to my country in a few weeks and with still no sign of the 920, I am having serious doubts on the Lumia 920.