Lumia 920 is not a brick!

Over this weekend I had the chance to visit a Microsoft pop up store in Las Vegas. I was looking for the Lumia 920 and HTC 8x because one of these Windows Phones might be my next (I currently have an Iphone 4s). I have read a lot about these phones and so I kinda of knew what to expect. The HTC 8x is light and great in the hand as I have heard over and over again from many reviews.

As I got my hands on the Lumia 920 I braced myself for the heavy weight of the phone. I even told my mother and brother who were with me that it was supposed to feel very heavy. When they picked it up they looked at me like I was a crazy person. As soon as I got the thing in my hand I was surprised too. It was no heavier than my Iphone 4s in a case (which is damn near required on a Iphone). I could not believe so many people made such a big deal about the weight/size of this phone.

If you are thinking about the Lumia 920, or Windows phone 8, in general but are put off by the Lumia 920 weight or size... don't be.You should really go look at it first. I only say this because I had just about written the Lumia 920 off because I thought it would be too heavy/large. I got that idea from reading all of the reviews about it. Thankfully I got a chance to hold it.

I also think the 920 gets a benefit of not necessarily needing a case because the thing is built so well. Go look for a torture test for the 920 if you have not yet they are impressive.