Better status bar.

This is a mockup of some ideas I've had to improve the status bar in iOS. They're pretty simple, and some may be implementable by jailbreak tweaks (I did a bit of Googling and couldn't find much, but I can't test this directly- there's no jailbreak for the iPhone 5).

wide shot:


close up:


The changes are pretty straightforward. From left to right:

  1. No Carrier Logo: I don't need to be reminded what carrier I'm on. The only possible exception to this is roaming, but this could be handled with something like an "R" next to the Wifi/LTE/3G icon.
  2. Moved time: In the current configuration, when the iPhone's status bar fills up, the icons cannot pass the time. They stack up against it on the right side, sometimes resulting in the loss of battery percentage information. I think this is best mitigated by moving the time to the left and opening up the entire space to the right for system status icons.
  3. Notification counter: As it stands, there's really no way for me to see at a glance that I have pending notifications- there is only app badges and lock screen notifications, but these are limited. I don't send all of my notifications to my lock screen, and a lot of apps reside several screens back where I may not notice they have a pending notification. When I had an Android phone, however, I did not like how the status bar often became cluttered with a collection of mismatched icons alerting me to notifications. It was overwhelming to look at the bar and find a barrage of info- missed call! text! email! updates!- and while I found the simplicity of iOS's status bar refreshing by comparison, it's frustrating that there's no way to see in that bar that I have notifications.
What do you guys think?