Thunderbolt Display (2013)

I've had a lot of fun doing these spec predictions so I thought I would do one for the next gen Apple Thunderbolt Display. Here's the changes that I think will happen:

  • 27" 2560 by 1440 pixel display with new lamination process used for the new iMac.
  • A whole lot thinner. Much thinner than the new iMac.
  • The display sits at the same height as the 27" iMac. Currently it sits about an inch lower.
  • USB 2.0 ports updated to be USB 3.0 ports.
  • Firewire 800 port is dropped.
  • Additional Thunderbolt port added.
  • Magsafe cable updated to Magsafe 2.
Crazy wish list:
  • An internal graphics card (the same one that runs on the 15" MacBook Pro) so that the MacBook Airs and 13" MacBook Pro could get extra graphics performance when they plug in.
  • Internal storage so it could be used for expanded storage when you're plugged in or it could just be used as a Time Capsule so your Mac would back up whenever you dock (or when you connect to the network, see below). I would want the storage to be removable by the user so if the display broke they could still retrieve their data.
  • A 1080p FaceTime Camera.
  • SD slot and Headphone jack so you could just plug in a MacBook, close the lid, and pretend you had an iMac.
  • AirPort Extreme built in.
  • Maybe it won't be that thin after all.
What are you hoping from the next Thunderbolt Display?