Favorite iOS Games

My brothers roll their eyes at me for playing games on my iPhone (they're PS3/PC gamers through and through), and I admit myself several of the available iPhone games are outright silly - but I'm trying to have as much fun with the iPhone as possible. Does anyone have any good games they recommend outside of Angry Birds/Plants & Zombies fair?

If you think it's a quality game I'd love to hear about it. Here's what I've been playing a surprising amount of recently.

LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7

I purchased Years 1-4 back when I was an iPod touch owner and I didn't like it - it felt too much like it was rushjob port. I imagined the same when I saw years 5-7 (I think it's based on the DS/PSP version), but I saw the screenshots and thought "this looks remarkably like the console games". I loved it on Wii and gave it a shot.

It seems really well made and is extremely fun to play, with one caveat: virtual joysticks. I bought a Fling Mini joystick just to play this game, and it's worth it - it's infinitely easier to play and is a blast to play. Several hours in and I'm still on the first part of Book 7, but it seems to include all of the elements I loved from the console versions of Years 1-4, but with the newer elements of years 5-7 on my iPhone. I really wish the iPhone years 1-4 were this good.

Super Crate Box

I saw this game earlier when a friend told me about it on Steam and decided to check it out when I heard it was on the App Store. Lots of fun to play, very simple and easy to get into. It's not really a "five straight hours" kind of game like Harry Potter is, but it's pretty easy to waste half an hour trying to set a new high score in this game. I really like the retro-style art, and the simple left/right control scheme works reasonably well even without the Fling Mini or other joystick/button helpers.

Punch Quest

So this definitely falls into the casual free-to-play mobile bucket, but this game's style (can you tell I like retro games?) is a blast to watch - the animation is extremely detailed and reminds me of all the Game Boy Advance games with good sprite art (Castlevania series, Metroid: Zero Mission) I used to play. It's pretty quick and easy to play and each playthrough isn't long, but there's so many different powerups to try it actually has some replay value. The "earn game money to buy new stuff" isn't really a formula I want to praise, but the rest of this game seems extremely well made and high quality.