How Apple Can Make More of a Dent in Windows

Use the design of the current Macbook Pros (Non-Retina) and put it into the old plastic body of the white Macbook from 08. Probably put less ports in it as well. Also give it a decent resolution like 1600 x 900. Reduce the price of the Retina MBP to current Macbook pro pricing. This phases out the Macbook Pro category with non-retina and now you can call the rMBP just a Macbook pro.

Apple should do something like this in 2013:

13 inch Macbook: Starting at $699 base model

15 inch Macbook: starting at $899 base model

Of course these would have HDDs, lower res screens, plastic body, and be thicker. But the price was ever this low they would fly of the shelves.

11 inch Macbook Air: $999 base model

13 inch Macbook Air: $1299 base model

At this point in 2013 the Air's have retina displays.

13 inch Macbook Pro: $1399 base model

15 inch Macbook Pro: $1599 base model

These were formally known as Retina Macbook Pros but at this point retina screens are basically expected and common. So the name should just be 'Macbook Pro'.

I think Apple would have much more success like this against Windows.