help! windows guy trying to give android it's fair shake

sup everybody. I've recently acquired my buddies old HTC incredible and i'm toying around with android for my first serious time. Problem is I won't be using this phone with any cellular service. I have at&t and will never use Verizon (Plus I have a beautiful lumia 920 to make calls with :} ) Right now it's in airplane mode and I've reset to factory defaults and applied one update. I really want to root the phone and put a custom rom on it that deletes the cell service from the device. I have no friggin clue where to start with this. I've tried to follow along with some tutorials but they all have slightly different directions and the usb drivers won't load on my computer. If anyone can link me to a good primer or, better yet, one specifically for the incredible, that would be awesome. also wik what are the go to apps on android? maybe a decent news reader (don't and probably won't use google reader), music player (wasn't there one that mimics zune?)... anything else you guys think would be cool. I'm genuinely curious to try this puppy out.