People ask for windows phone and ATT representative said No...what a shame!!! but....

Today I went to an ATT store to replace my Lumia 920 because I have been having issue with the freezing and the battery issue. While I was waiting, two people came to the store, a husband and assumedly his wife, and they asked to see new phones. They asked about new phones and the representative was already pushing the IPhone 5 as the best phone. His reasoning was for the mechanic of the which did not mean anything to me. He also said that the IPhone as best speed connection, then after his pulled out his IPhone 5 out of his pocket, then everything made sense.

Then the couple, again assuming that they were husband and wife, asked about an Android phone and unsurprisingly the representative was quick not to recommend the android saying his was not as good as the IPhone with no substantial explanation and reasoning behind his stance.

Thing got interesting when they asked about the new windows phone 8. They knew about the Lumia, not specifically the 920 or the 820, but they clearly showed tremendous interest about both the 920 and the HTC. The wife was already playing with the HTC, telling how she likes the green color, admiring the phone which she did not do with the IPhone and Android while both were available on the shell. The husband's mind was made asking for the black Lumia. There was only the white Lumia because the Black Lumia were sold out. But the representative said "he did not like the Windows phone 8" and gave a stupid story about a lady who bought the HTC 8X and returned it because the phone screen was cracked after she dropped the phone. Clearly, the representative was lying and when the couple made up their minds the representative got frustrated and walked away. This is no made up story.

After the guy left, I told the couple that someone drove with a car over the Lumia 920 and the phone did not break and I showed them the video, needless to say, they were amazed by the quality of the phone and its durability which to me was a better way to educate the couple on how to buy a phone as opposed to use abstract like mechanic of the phone

I guess the moral of the story is that these representatives at ATT are more interested in pushing phones that are using as opposed listen to what the consumers are asking. They asked for a windows phone 8 and they bought two despite the false negativity that was being spread by the representative towards Android and Windows Phone 8.Something special is happening with windows phone 8 and I guess we will have to wait for the numbers to see if Nokia, HTC and Microsoft have something special going with WP8.