Windows 8

Hey everyone. Hope all is well. So I know a lot of us are users of a lot of different technologies. So pretty much my shop machine is a windows machine. It has to be in order to run my large format printers, because the rip software is not compatible with the Mac. I very much wish this were not the case. If the rip software was developed for the Mac as well I would just have Mac's in my office. Now there are some instances where when I'm using my windows machine i wish my mac acted in the same way, and there are times when I'm using my Mac, and I wished my windows machine acted in that way. They both have good things and bad things.

My main design workflow is done on the Mac though. My print workflow is done on Windows. I was planning on getting a new machine for my shop for printing. I've been very weary about Windows 8. I'm even more after watching this video. I just don't think Micosoft got this right. I think they've failed terribly. WIndows 8 is not made for productivity. It's not the type of operating system you would want to use to get work done. I rely on my machine. It plays such a large role in my profession. It plays a large role in the money I make.

So I'm stuck in a weird place. A place where eventually windows 7 is going to be super outdated. What do you guys think will happen for the future of Micosoft? Is anyone else in the design/print industry? I also just watched a load of videos of users with Wacom tablets and windows 8, and they just work terribly. Wacom just released a video not too long ago saying " Wacom Tablets and WIndows 8 how computing should be" Then you watch real world videos of users with wacom tablets and they barley work right. I think Windows 8 is going to be a very big problem for desktop users. WIndows 8 is nothing more than a skin overlay on top of windows 7. Regardless, it's still an OS made for tablets. It's not made for both. Even though they say it is, it is in every way not. I just don't get how they could get this wrong again. How could they spend all this time working on this operating system and make vital flaws like this? Check the video out. Look at all the bloatware installed, plus they have ADS baked into the operating system. That's just wacked to me.