Does buying apps make me better (morally) than You?

I used to jailbreak my iPhone, a whole other lifetime ago. It started and ended with my iPhone 4. I quit though, more for the instability I noticed the process brought to my iOS devices.

While I was a member of the jailbreaking community, I mocked those who paid for apps at the App Store, as opposed to getting them free from sites with the app's files, after a free jailbreak. And those who did things the regular way asked me how I would feel if I (or the breadwinner in my family) was a developer who toiled to create a great app, only to have people circumvent the natural order (paying for it) and get it free elsewhere, thereby enjoying the same benefits as those who paid for it. At best, that question elicited a halfhearted shrug from me.

Now, I'm a changed man. And while I do not go about preaching to jailbreakers that they are wrong, I mostly feel good about myself for paying for apps now. I feel it is the least the developer of a great and functional app deserves.

Yes, I realise that even on the Cydia Store, not everything is free, and likewise, on the App Store, not everything is paid for, but I'm sure you catch my drift.

So, I would like to know: those of you who also do not jailbreak anymore, or never have, do you feel morally better than the others? Or am I just now consoling myself? Or do we have amongst us, the ultimate moral man: one who jailbreaks, yet still pays for apps on the App Store, and pays for tweaks from the Cydia Store? I never thought that possible though.

I would like to hear your thoughts.