thinking about windows phone for my mom

So my mom's been using a flip phone forever and she's pretty old too. she needs to ask me to enter numbers into the speed dial and she sort of just remembers which speed dial the person she wants to call is on. I've been thiinking maybe a windows phone would be easier for her to use, if i can find one for cheap. she doesn't need data.

I have a few questions I was hoping someone could answer for me since the only experience i have with them is just from playing around with them briefly at bestbuy.

1) can I just set up live tiles on the main screen with photos of people so she can just press them to call or does that have to go through the people app or something?

2)how is chinese language support? it would probably be easier for her if she could read messages and type in chinese names though its not a deal breaker if everyone can just be a big photo on the launcher.

3) i was considering a samsung focus since newegg has em unlocked for cybermonday, but we're on t-mobile, can you edit mms settings on winphone 7?

thanks in advance,