Shopping Online with iPads for iPads

According to AllThingsD, IBM has posted data on Holiday Shopping in the form of an info-graphic. The graphic shows some interesting trends:

- Of all online shopping (mobile or not), the iPad made up nearly 9.8% (more than any other mobile device)

- The next most-used mobile device for online shopping was iPhone at 8.7%

- The entire Android operating system totaled only 5.5% of online shopping (compared with 18.5% for iPad + iPhone combined)

- Of all online shopping done with a tablet, iPad totaled 88.3%, followed by Nook at 3.1% which beat out Kindle at 2.4% and Samsung Galaxy tablets at 1.8%

So what are people buying online when they are busy shopping with their iPad or iPhone? According to eBay & its PayPal subsidiary "volume [on mobile transactions] was between two and three times greater, mostly on Apple devices." With the best-selling item being the iPad 2 which sold at a rate 250 per hour from 12am to 8am PST.

If all this is indicative of all holiday shopping, AAPL is in for one heck of a quarter.

You can check out the IBM Info-Graphic for yourself. The only thing about the graphic that does not make sense to me is that it says "sales on mobile devices accounted for 16.3% of online sales". If you add up the iOS and Android alone from the mobile traffic breakdown you get 24%, so I assume that part of the graphic indicates that 16.3% of items sold were mobile devices rather than 16.3% of transactions came from mobile devices.