For The Love of Windows Phone Part I: Emerging Markets


Most of us here love Microsoft and many of us love the Windows Phone User Experience. For me it is the most wonderful UX out there. I am planning to do a small series called "For the love of Windows Phone" in parts. I want to know, from smart folks like you (hey! you are in the forums of a tech site), what it takes for Windows Phone to be successful. The results will be communicated with the Windows Phone ( I promise, but I can't tell you how, yet). Treat this as a real marketing survey because it partly is but it is purely voluntary and NOT official.

Part I

Let us start with emerging markets like India and China. Those are the markets the Windows Phone team & Nokia will be gunning for. If you are from those countries or have a good understanding of those markets please discuss what the team needs to do. Let us bring back those good old days of the Verge forums and be productive. The user voice page is more about feature suggestions I am here for strategic views.

Based on requests I am adding some direction to the thread:
1. Pricing Strategy: High end and low end
2. Apps that are deal breakers
3. How to compete with local cheap phone makers on the low end spectrum? Cost is not an option there.
4. What features add the most value to thy buyer?
5. What factors affect the purchasing decision?
6. Who influences the purchasing decision? Friends, Shop keepers or Ads?
7. Is Android the new "Nokia"? When my dad said I am buying a new phone he meant Nokia in the past.
8. Is the METRO interface accepted well in the markets or do they like the eye candy of android more?
Let us do this for the love of windows phone!!! Haters can help too :)

About me

I grew up in India and I moved to the US recently. I work on UX and I visit this forum everyday. I go to one of the best Engineering schools in the country and I study Human Computer Interaction. I intend to work in the mobile industry after I graduate.