Which is more productive ios or android?

Productivity is a loaded word these days, for some it means simply apps for others it means a customizable os and for others its simply office. Windows Phone will not be part of this conversation because I have not used windows enough on mobile to have an opinion.

For me part of productivity always includes the click count, meaning how many clicks or how much time does it take me to perform "x", task. I believe android is overall superior to ios when it comes to getting task done, mainly due to widgets, some hate widgets, some like them, me personality widgets are either hit or miss. Examples of this, I want to compose an email I just need to unlock my phone, find the mail widget and hit the compose icon, no need to open the mail app. In ios I would need to unlock my phone, find the mail app, open the mail app, click on the compose button. This applies to pretty much everything, wifi, settings, calling, sending a text message. When it comes to getting the job done with the least amount of clicks or time spent android destroys ios.

Other major advantages for Android are intents and default apps. If ios had the sharing system that android has and allowed me to pick my default apps I would own more apple mobile devices. The fact that I can go into my pocket application click the share button and have almost every app on my device show up on a pop up box makes android so much more useful. ios is severely lacking in this area, yes I know apple allows apps to share information, but they either need to make it easier to implement or promote it more. Some apps on ios feel like lost islands. Apple can do way better. Default apps is more of a reason to knock against ios than is it an advantage for Android. Apple should be embarrassed that it does not allow picking of default application in 2012. I'm sorry to inform you apple but I'd rather use evernote over your crapy notes app. So many apple apps go into the crappie folder because I've found better 3rd party applications in the app store. But you know what those application are less useful than they are on android because they are treated as second class citizens to the Apple apps I don't care about.

Ease of use and consistent environment.

Now this is where apple can make the claim its more productive. It's a fact ios is easier to use than android. One home button a home screen of apps. It does not get more simple than ios. With ios there is no need to worry that if I buy this apple mobile product it will have a different look and feel. With android you have HTC sense, Samsung nature ux, ect...

But here are some observations I've made, now these are my own personal observations and I would like to hear some other observations from you guys. My uncle who is a 47 year old male got a GS3 on Verizon about a week after its release, I spent some time teaching him some tricks and tips he got the hang of it pretty quickly, but it did take some time and I did receive some phone calls where I had to explain things. About 2 weeks ago he got an ipad 3 and he hated it. I asked him why? He repeated I'm quoting here "the dam thing was too confusing" I was surprised. Then I thought about it, and it all made sense whenever I spend a long amount of time using android and jump back to ios, I feel disoriented. Over time I get use to it but it's never the same. No widgets, not quick settings, no amazing sharing system, no picking default application. So I came to the conclusion that although ios is easier to use its not more intuitive than android. That once you take the time to learn how android functions widgets, notification, sharing ect. It becomes more intuitive than ios. I take a screen shot, it pops up in the notification shade, I press share, it doesn't get easier than that.

In concluding this long boring and confusing post, I think android is more productive than ios and I also think that when it comes to productivity its easier to switch from ios to android than vice versa.

Disclaimer : I own and ipad 3 running ios 6, apple tv, imac, galaxy nexus, nexus 7 both on android 4.2, and a Samsung series 9 on windows 8.