Mac apps

What are some of your favorite apps for OSX? I just bought an MBP w/RD, and it's my first Apple computer. I'm primarily a developer (databases, HTML/Python/Ruby, some Javascript, Inkscape etc.) The app store seems to be lacking right now. But that could be because the platform is relatively new as compared to iOS app store. Or maybe I don't know.

Currently I have downloaded, among many others, Chrome browser, Google Drive, Ubuntu One, Inkscape, Evernote, VirtualBox, Twitter, Skype, What are the others you guys recommend. I'm looking for good quality apps especially in these categories

  • Code editor -- Coda and TextMate are pretty expensive. I can just use vim, but I'm looking for a decent editor with syntax highlighting and stuff.
  • Vector graphics editor -- preferably something like Inkscape and free.
  • Games -- simulation games, not the freemium kind.
  • Dev tools
  • Others