Lumia + Mac = Two Way Sync Issues.

Hello all!

I'm using a Lumia 710 as my smartphone and a Macbook Pro as my laptop. Now, with the Windows Sync software provided by Microsoft, it's all very good and simple that my iTunes library can be synced, and my iPhoto library. I like the fact that every time I plug my phone in, iPhoto does a backup of my photos.

Now, what I'm facing problems with is, I got a one year subscription from Nokia Music (free! I love these guys!) - and from my phone it's pretty simple to go to the store and download songs.

Now the problem arises if I want these songs/albums on my laptop as well. With limited space on my phone, I can't keep everything on the phone at all the times. And, I can't copy/send the songs from my phone to my laptop.

On the other hand, nor can I download the same songs from the Nokia Music website as they require a Windows OS software to download the songs by.

Anyone know of any solution to this? Any help will be welcome.