How's the 920's build quality?

I've had a Lumia 900 since a month or so after it's initial release and I've got to say that, coming from the iPhone, I was really disappointed in its build quality.

I'm now looking to WP8 and, as such, am interested to hear how Lumia 920 owners feel the handset stacks up against some of my 900 gripes:

  1. Capacitive buttons (home in particular) seem unresponsive and sometimes require multiple presses to activate
  2. Home button vibration is erratic, sometimes giving a firm reassuring vibration, other times giving one you can barely feel
  3. The light behind the capacitive buttons is splotchy and doesn't consistently light up the entire button
  4. The volume rocker and other physical buttons seem cheap and plasticy
  5. After pressing the power button it sometimes takes one or two seconds before the screen actually lights up
I do have positives on the handset, of course, like the fact I feel it could take a bullet and survive. The screen's deep blacks are also something else entirely. However I don't think I want to repeat the Lumia experience if it doesn't feel like a well crafted device.
Thanks for your input!