Questions about Windows Phone 8X

Dear lovely readers of the Verge:

It was with my greatest pleasure to venture on from Android (it was a very pleasant tenure indeed) to Windows Phone as a new and refreshing experience. I purchased the Windows Phone 8X from Verizon and have been blown away by the smooth UI navigation, seemless multitasking, etc. The list goes on. However, I did notice that the camera does not have a panorama mode. On Verizon's site, it states that you can download these lenses from the Windows Store. However, when you search for lenses from the camera app, there are no lenses to be found except for crappy third party ones. Anyone know any news as to when they're going to get these lenses in? Kind of annoying to release a phone that doesn't feel like it's finished.

Also, couldn't help but to notice that the blue of my phone is already wearing off on the corners. Had I known this, I wouldn't have been waiting for the Otterbox to come out for it and got a cheap case for it right away. The finish on it is nice, but this is a load of crap that it's already wearing out and I have had the phone for 5 days!

Anyways, if anyone knows the answers to that question, that'd be nice. Also, since I"m new to the OS, tips/tricks to save on battery life (it is worse than my Razr's battery life, sadly,) cool apps, etc., would be appreciated. Thanks.