Surface RT or ThinkPad Tablet 2

It is really hard for me to choose. Why? Because of...:

Operating system: Tablet 2

No question about it. Full windows 8 with desktop mode and legacy apps. And better performance, I presume.

Display: Surface

Same resolution, but I believe MS did a great job with ClearType 10.6'' display on Surface.

Design: Surface

It is a matter of taste, but for me Surface is just a piece of art when it comes to design. Slim, minimalistic, clean and consistent with software design.

Hardware: draw

ThinkPad Tablet 2 has "better" (different) processor and cameras. On the other hand, Surface is made of magnesium and Gorilla Glass 2.

Input: Tablet 2

Wacom digitizer!!! We have a winner here. No question about it. I think it is the single most important feature that Surface is lacking. Why Microsoft, why?? Surface with a pen would be a nearly perfect device for me.

Battery life: Tablet 2

Slightly better battery life (bigger size also).

What are you thoughts guys?

PS: I know, "it depends" (on a use case)