Windows 8 Metro Apps painfully slow to load

Hi all, I'm wondering if someone has found a solution for this. I've Googled around with no luck.

Basically, Metro apps take AGES to load for me. For instance, Minesweeper takes about 1.5 minutes to load and get past the splash screen. And then it takes another 15 seconds to sign into XBox Live (I have fast internet). If I close it (i.e. drag from top) and then reopen it it only takes 2 seconds to load. My friend says it only takes a couple seconds for the first load for him.

It seems like the problem is only for some individuals. If you read this Reddit page you can see that it affects lots of people, but for others it's fine.

Does anyone know anything about this? For me applications, including graphics heavy games, run just like they always did on Windows 7. It's just the damn Metro apps that take forever!

My Laptop is 5 years old, but it was pretty near the top-of-the-line when I got it, so I'm sure performance isn't an issue. Yes, it can run Crysis.