For avid reading: Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle (2012)?

I'm looking to get myself a kindle, but am undecided between the two. In France the prices are 129 euros and 79 euros respectively, so I'm leaning towards the non-paperwhite version. Plus, the estimated shipment date for the paperwhite currently stands at 4th February. I currently have an ipad 2, which I only really use for the kindle app and comics and am planning to sell/give to my dad. The kindle app is great on it, but reading on that screen for too long hurts my eyes.

Reasons in favour of the Kindle 2012:

  • Longer battery life (I read for long periods of time at a go)
  • Physical page turn buttons
  • Lighter
  • Cheaper
Reasons in favour of the Paperwhite:
  • Reading at night
  • Better quality screen (?)
  • Looks more modern and sleek
So I guess I would like to know: People who read for long hours, what sort of battery life do you get off the paperwhite? Also, how is the refresh rate? Whenever I watch a review video on it I think the page refresh (especially when the whole screen flashes black) would bug the hell out of me, but it seems most people get used to this? I really like the way the ipad kindle app transitions smoothly.
PS: I couldn't decide whether to put this here or in Tablets, apologies if it's the wrong section!