A week in, complaints about WP8 and the Lumia 920

Ok, so Monday a week ago, I pulled the trigger on my next 2 year contract and got a Nokia Lumia 920 (black), picking it over a Nexus 4 as it just seemed...nicer. And I was happy with my purchase initially...but I seem to be running up a laundry list of issues I have with it, many of which I haven't heard anyone else mention before, so I thought I'd share:

Windows phone 8

-The photos app (or just scrolling back through the camera reel) is buggy. It frequently refuses to register a swipe in one direction, meaning I have to swipe back and then forward again to make it sort itself out. It doesn't happen every time, but often enough to annoy me

-The music app very frequently doesn't play a song when on shuffle, meaning I either have to skip it and go back, or press pause then play again. Bizarrely, this has been happening progressively less as I use it, but it was infuriating to begin with, happening something like every 3rd track.

-Skype is a massive battery drain. Also I can't share photos via it from the photos app or camera reel.

-The back button is inconsistent. It's better than in 7.5, but I'm still not entirely sure whether it'll take me back in the app, or back to a different app.

-Tiles aren't perfect. Having small tiles is excellent, I can access all my essentials without even having to scroll, but they could be a bit more useful, or maybe have slightly larger icons. Plus, the larger sizes now just feel too large in most situations (notable exceptions include calendar, photos, and people)

Nokia Lumia 920

-It doesn't bother me nearly as much as I thought it would, but it's still a shame that the phone has so much bezel.

-The vibrate is so weedy. I thought my last phone (Trophy) was bad, often not feeling it in my pocket, but this is pathetic.

-The phone can get really hot. Playing music for 40 minutes while on skype, with the phone resting on paper, and it was almost uncomfortable to hold all above and around the camera.

-The camera button is a little awkward to use, and sometimes doesn't properly focus. I've taken to tapping the screen instead now.

-There's a big hollow area underneath the lower half of the back cover; you can find it easily by just tapping around on the polycarbonate, and it does flex, though only if you're trying.It'll be a non-issue to most people, but it's presence really cheapens my perspective of the phone, one that I thought was a very solid-all-over, premium device until I found this.. Kinda annoys me too: They make a phone this big, and yet still fit in a nice big gap with nothing? Can only assume it was to cut down on weight.

-The camera is too low. I had to adjust my grip so I didn't smear my finger across the lens. Incidentally, the camera plate shows up fingerprints really badly.

-The screen often turns on really low, before brightening up. A real minor thing, and to be fair, auto-brightness is very good for practically all conditions once it's over this (or not, in the dark)

This isn't to say I hate the phone: there are still a lot of things I like about it and WP8 (and don't have many of the other issues people have mentioned e.g. it's too heavy/big, keeps resetting). Just kinda feels like an anti-honeymoon period right now: a lot of annoyances and/or disappointments, that I'll likely either get over, or will be fixed.