An Idea for a Sub-pixel Matrix

Hey everyone! Recently, over the summer, I came up with an idea for a new sub-pixel matrix. I came up with the idea after I read a thing on Wikipedia about PenTile. Basically, PenTile wasn't always intended to be a suicide causing thing. The original PenTile was based on the ideas of biomimicry of the human eye. Basically, the human eye has fewer cones that pick up blue light than it does cones that pick up red and green light. In order to balance it slightly, and reproduce good picture quality, the original makers of PenTile came up with a subpixel layout that combined 5 sub-pixels/pixel. The layout for the sub-pixels, was more or less "r/g, B, g/r", where the lower-case letter means that the sub-pixel was small, and an upper-case letter meant the sub-pixel was large. To describe it in further detail, in the top left and bottom right corner of a pixel, lie a small, red triangle shaped sub-pixel. In the bottom left and top right of a pixel, lie a small, green triangle shaped sub-pixel. In the very center of the pixel lies a single, large blue sub-pixel which is square shaped. This sub-pixel matrix was also designed with AMOLED's in mind. As I said, my design is inspired by this.

So, basically, with the original PenTile matrix as inspiration, as well as the goal of designing something that would potentially increase the energy efficiency of AMOLEDs and the visibility of them, I came up with the basic requirements/specs of my design. I had read/heard online that adding a white sub-pixel to an AMOLED screen increased its energy efficiency and visibilty. So, I decided to first design a matrix with 6 sub-pixels -- a matrix that, even though I've *spoiler alert* mostly rejected *end spoiler alert*, I have named HexTile. Basically, it is very similar to the original PenTile matrix. The primary difference is the addition of a white sub-pixel, which is placed above/below the Blue sub-pixel, just a little smaller than any one red or green sub-pixel. The configuration is alternating between "r/g, w/B, g/r" and "r/g, B/w, g/r". The reason I rejected this layout was because I felt that it would concentrate the benefits of the white sub-pixels unevenly, and that it also took a bit to much of a chunk of the blue. So, I designed my next sub-pixel matrix, which is the star of this post.

After I mostly discarded my last attempt at designing a new sub-pixel matrix, I felt that I was on the right track. I decided that in order to spread the benefits of a white sub-pixel more evenly, as well as make it so that the chunk it took out of the blue didn't seem too large, I had to design the matrix with 8 sub-pixels/pixel. Now, the difference is that with using 8 sub-pixels instead of 6, I was able to implement the white sub-pixel (3 to be exact), and spread it over the surface of the pixel, which should better balance out its benefits (in theory). I'll tell you guys the configuration in just a moment, but first the notation for the configuration. A lower case letter with a "-" sign beside it means that it is smaller/slightly smaller than just a lower case letter. A lower case letter means little to no change in size. A large case letter is only used for the blue. Here ya go: alternating between "r/g-/w-, w/B, g/r-/w-" and "w-/r-/g, B/w, w-/g-/r". I shall post a picture after this paragraph. Also, it is named OctTile.



If any of you have viewed my last 2 posts that showed off some devices I've design, you might possibly recognize this. Now, for the questions. Do you guys like the idea for this? Is the regular RGB stripe the only way to go? Did I cause about 1000 suicides by typing PenTile to much? What ever you want to tell me about this, feel free.