Screen Size ---- Blurring the Line

Every person is different. And each persons needs can vary.

In steps Android and it's freedom it gives to hardware OEMs. There are Android devices in all shapes and sizes and colors.

Its a choice that's reasonably good if you can overlook the fact that most high end devices are very large despite thinness.

What I'm getting at is this: Samsung has created a market of 'phablets'. Devices that can serve not only as tablets but as phones. Great idea honestly. Though many think it's ridiculous, a million and counting are really enjoying using such a handset.

This market of 'phablet' users has gotten other OEMs to jump on this band wagon. LG and it's Vu and Vu 2.

Again, I think this is great. Choice is good.

Heres the problem though: Samsung and others are quickly skewing the line between these 'phablets' and their standard handsets.

The Note and Note 2 are not much bigger than the SGS 3. The S2 went from 4.3, 4.5 inches to 4.8 for the S3. The Note launched with a 5.3 inch screen to 5.5 for the Note 2. It's literally as though Samsung had to make the Note 2 bigger to compensate for the S3 getting a bump in size.

This is crazy. Even though I love this choice for everyone, at some point this has to stop. I feel as though the majority of people want a device within the 3.5 to 4.5 range.

At the very least, OEMs should do as Motorola did with the Razr M. Large screen, small body. There's really no reason not to be using this approach. It still allows room for a spacious battery. The Razr M has a 2,000mh battery.

Who else thinks the lines are getting blurred?