Anyone who bought one of Jawbone's much-hyped Up fitness bands last year found themselves an unwitting participant in a beta test. The brand-new platform promised to get you up and exercising, help you sleep and eat better, and make you more stylish to boot — and we liked it. But there were some missing features, and some overly simple software for the device.

And then the Up started breaking. Weeks and months after being purchased, our review unit and many others simply stopped taking charges or turning on. Jawbone acknowledged the fault, offered its buyers a no-questions-asked refund (even if you just didn't like the thing, you could return it), and went back to the drawing board.

What came off that drawing board is the new Up, which on the outside is much the same as last year's model. But inside, it's been completely redesigned to be more flexible, more powerful, and more impenetrable. Jawbone also used the intervening time to add lots of new features to its software, making the Up a considerably more powerful life-tracking device.

I've been wearing the Up everywhere for a while now, and it hasn't failed me yet. But how are my sleeping, eating, and exercise habits? Has Up made me a better person? Read on.