iOS vs Windows RT, ease of use

Since I started testing Windows 8 on tablets computers the first thing I noticed was how easy it is to use. Strangely, the "steep" learning curve of Windows 8 is one of the most commonly cited low lights.

In real world experience, I've gave lots of 5 minutes training to people for whom I've done upgrades and they seems to get it fairly quickly. My general rule of thumb: use the Windows button the way you use the home button of your smart phone, you don't need to close metro apps.

So, if I compare using Windows 8 vs iOS, I don't really get how is iOS any easier to learn or use than Windows RT, It is true that there are two interfaces living together but 99% of people is familiar with the Windows desktop anyways. You can happily live with the start button of your tablet as means to get in an out of apps if you so wish, Oh!, but you need to swipe to get to settings search, etc... True, the lack of visual cues can be confusing for people using the platform for the first time, but compared to iOS, where are the visual cues that tells you to swipe down to get notifications? or double tap the home button to multi task?, or use 4 fingers to move between apps, or zoom out full hand to close it? I believe Windows RT makes it easier to perform all of this tasks with just swiping, not to mention how uncomfortable it is to perform this gestures with an iPad while you are holding it both hand, you really need strong wrist to do so comfortably.

So, what do you think? what's your opinion in the matter?