Sudden Instant Messaging ads in IMO/Ebuddy?

Hey all,

I was wondering if everyone has been experiencing this issue or if it's just me?

I use IMO typically for Gtalk/AIM instant messaging and as of yesterday every time I go into the application, a big ad appears for a random cruddy game across the top of the screen. It does not appear to be part of the application (sort of floats over it).

I removed IMO and reinstalled Ebuddy, which I have the no-ads upgrade for, and am finding similar ads under the same circumstances.

Before I start thinking something is wrong with my device, has anyone else seen this? I've tried googling and contacting the devs but have no response. Is it possible it's one of the chat networks?

Does anyone else use either of these applications and have the same issue? Go to your buddy list, hit the home button, then pull down the notification menu and open Ebuddy or IMO - seems to occur on both.