Movie fans, how are you finding Ultraviolet?

Over the past few months here in the UK I've noticed that Ultraviolet has picked up steam and 'Digital Copy' has seemingly been phased out, with the exception of Universal titles which offer buyers an option of both, though for how long is anyone's guess, these are movie studios we are talking about.

So how do you rate the experience? For me it it is very much in the 'good idea, crap execution' stage of development with the user forced to navigate several unnecessary steps e.g. To redeem the movies I have bought I have had to create accounts for; Ultraviolet, Flixster and Sony Pictures.

The second phase of crap execution is on the software side. An an iOS user the absence of Apple in this Hollywood team-up is frustrating but it would be much less so if there was a usable, standalone Ultraviolet app. Hiding my movies away in the Flixster app is downright insulting!

To conclude, for me Blu-ray is still the best quality format to enjoy movies and will continue to be my format of choice until some sort of 'fibre to the home' internet revolution. I am, however a firm believer in 'pay once, watch on anything' so I am definitely rooting for Ultraviolet to come good and use my iPad for movies on the commute.

Unfortunately it seems as though we are dependent on Hollywood treating "digital seriously" and hiring good software/website designers for Ultraviolet to succeed.