Dear Mr Ballmer, where can I buy a Windows tablet for $199?...

A fake message to Steve Ballmer (not that I actually expect him to read it.) :-)

Dear Mr Ballmer...

My son and I have been watching with great anticipation the various releases of Windows 8. We are both avid fans with Windows PCs, Windows Phones and the XBOX 360. This Christmas, we have been waiting for the release of a Windows tablet which could compete with the Android/iOS tablets that are EVERYWHERE. You can imagine our disappointment when all we can find in retail are 3 brands of Windows tablets NONE of which costs less than $500.


There are 3 Android tablets running Android 4.0+ for $199 (the Nook, the Kindle, the Nexus 7). Where is the $199 Windows RT tablet? I can buy a BRAND NEW Window 8 notebook for $288 from Walmart, but I can't find a Windows RT tablet for less than $500?

We have decided not to wait another year and are going with the Nexus 7. You are losing your most important constituency, TEENAGE BOYS, to the Android OS. The future is definitely mobile and ALL of the teenagers I deal with as a parent ONLY want mobile devices. There is a generational shift happening RIGHT NOW and Microsoft is LOSING this battle to Apple and Google.

It took a lot of persuading on my part to get my son to wait "one more year" for the Windows tablets which I swore to him would be flooding the market by this Christmas. However, I was completely wrong. Walk into any major retailer and Android tablets STILL dominate.

I live in the RETAIL MECCA of Dallas, TX and there is only ONE place you can buy Microsoft Surface (at a kiosk in Frisco, TX). We have Frys, Best Buy, Microcenter, and TigerDirect (CompUSA) and all you see are Windows 8 notebooks. Even the AIOs (All In Ones) are poorly merchandised. For example, at both Frys in Dallas and Plano you can see the new touchscreen Lenovo AIO running WINDOWS 7 sitting next to an HP Windows 8 AIO with NO TOUCHSCREEN.

At Best Buy (Dallas, Plano, Garland) you can demo AIOs with touch but no Internet connection. Since Windows 8 is an internet device, most of the applications don't work so there is nothing to demo. Walk over to the Apple kiosk in those same BestBuys and the internet works.

Microcenter is a clusterbomb of systems which are "thrown" together with no real thought, and TigerDirect (CompUSA) has NO touchscreens nor All In Ones (AIOs) what so ever.

This is the WORST retail launch of a Product I have ever seen. While you are spending a fortune advertising Windows 8 and MS Surface like crazy, your retail presence SUCKS. No wonder Apple is kicking your ass.