Ultrabooks: Your opinion?

Hi Everyone,

Apple has been releasing some really great laptops these last few years, the Air I find a very attractive piece of hardware while the Retina display Mac books are great if not a bit pricey. But after all that I'm still a Windows man, and am glad to see innovation by the laptop producers, especially in the Ultrabook category with Windows 8. I have a Sony Vaio Ultrabook and love it to bits!


Big question really, but whats your favorite and least favorite things about Intel's Ultrabook category of devices in general? I am asking this for some university work so would be really grateful for your opinions! Has this definition helped laptop makers catch up with Apple in terms of design, usability, innovation and customer service or has it hindered the laptop industry in general? Is Windows 8 pushing these products in the right direction?


What are your favorite devices where the category has flourished and what are some failure devices that are a bad representation of the Ultrabook brand?

What would you change or improve about Ultrabooks, or are you a happy owner of one? Would you prefer a Win7 or 8 Ultrabook and what about interesting new features like touch screen on laptops?

Thanks very much for your thoughts!