Frustrating lack of compatibility

(This is not flame-bait, please don't shit on Microsoft, I'm just looking for people that may share my "frustrations" and can maybe help me; none of this is HATE)

I'm looking for a solution, in the Microsoft ecosystem that will allow me to have Xbox Music(I actually like it more than hate it) playing on a Windows 8 computer to be controlled by remote devices. I was under the impression that this was going to be smart glass but that's only for Xbox360 it appears.

My goal would be if I have a party to have anyone be able to control the music remotely from their phone similar to what's available on iOS in PlayMeNext. I had a Squeezebox for a while, that was pretty cool, but had a lot of upkeep.

Seems like such simple comparability is over looked in the Microsoft Ecosystem. I have an Xbox360, 4 Windows 8 computers and a Windows 7.5 phone and I don't feel any of them even know about the other one. The Xbox360 isn't hooked up in my main entertaining place, it's down in my basement and I'm not going to bring it up and down every time I want to have a party. I have a nettop up there (Revo 3610 FTW) which runs FULL Win8 that should be ENOUGH.

Is this 2012 or what?

I have never been closer to switching everything over to Apple then right now. As cliche as it sounds everything just fucking works at my friends house and he has everything Apple. Last year I threw a new years party and my buddy brought over his iPad and ran PlayMeNext on it and everyone in the party with an Iphone (80% of the party) could add songs to a group playlist. It was fucking phenomenal. There is NOTHING like this in the Microsoft ecosystem that I can find.

I prefer the Microsoft's look and feel of the OS and the choice of devices. But they just don't give a shit about making their stuff work together! They have made things work better with the XBOX but not together as a whole ecosystem.

I understand that PlayMeNext is a 3rd party solution, but in essence SmartGlass was that dream but why did they make it only work with the Xbox?!?!?!?! If Microsoft had that kind of remote control in mind why did they stop there?

Don't even get me started on not being able to add media files on a NAS to Windows libraries with 0 workarounds for this it's pushing me even closer. I thought for sure they would fix this but they have been tight lipped about anything. I bought the NAS when I was just running XP and everything was great. 3 OS's later and there is less compatibility and not even a workaround available from MS. I have 80BG of MP3s that Microsoft is telling me they don't give a shit about. AWESOME MICROSOFT JUST FUCKING AWESOME.

Anyway, so is there a solution for any of this? I can't find it.

UPDATE: Lots of great suggestions. I'm going to check into a few of them, especially UDJ. Thanks everyone!