WP Updated Market Share



Thats the Kantar report of Smartphone market share by OS. WP stands at around 4 - 5% in most markets with small but steady growth rates. If im not wrong it was about 2- 3% last time people checked. Seems to be doing quite well in Italy. Another key data is that its now beaten Symbian in many markets. Yeah thats a bad metric I know, but many commentators were pointing out that Symbian still had more market share than WP, so that's one teeny milestone crossed. The bad news is that all those lost customers of Symbian have moved to iOS or Android. Brazil still has about 31% Symbian users. How about using some of that Nokia brand equity to move into WP8? But mostly the Symbian users would be low end phones, so maybe Nokia 510/610?

This is data for the 12 weeks ending on Oct 28th. So this is all still WP 7.5 data. Here's hoping that there's more rapid improvement with WP8.

What do you guys think? I think an overall market share of around 8 - 10% is quite achievable by June 2013. That would be a good progress. What do you guys think?