Good article in PC Mag about WP8

Link: Will Pundits Kill Windows Phone 8?

While I agree with some of the commenters about how pundits probably don't have as much to do with overall adoption as the author implies, and WP's struggles are likely due to the fact that WP7 wasn't quite good enough, and WP8 just came out, I do think he makes valid points about how we should want WP to succeed and not assume that what are drawbacks for a few highly invested iOS/Android users are going to be deal-killers for average phone users.

As a Verge addict and owner of iOS, Android, Windows and WP devices (just got a Lumia 920 and love it), I consider myself a pretty advanced gadget user. And you know what? The app issues on WP8 aren't bothering me much at all so far. Granted, I didn't use tons of apps on my Android phone before, but still...for everyday use I find WP to be much more enjoyable than Android and while it may not be capable of the same breadth of functionality as iOS and Android, the core experience makes up for those deficiencies. And for almost everything that is missing, there's some alternative (often mobile browser-based) that's good enough.

So I don't think the app situation is as bad as reviewers make it out to be, and for a lot of people, I think it's a worthy trade-off for the excellent core experience on WP8.