A Skyfall/The Dark Knight Comparison (WARNING! SPOILERS!)

Let me start by saying both The Dark Knight and Skyfall are great movies. TDK is the pinnacle of super hero movies and Skyfall brings beauty, and heart pounding action to the Bond franchise again.... But there are a few scenes and plot points that I feel are directly borrowed from TDK and used in Skyfall

1. The Bad Guy Wanted To Be Captured

This is an obvious one, but this is the Joker's plan to the tee. Wanting to be caught, having a trap in place once captured, challenging the guard, the awkward stretching. If only Silva had done a little clapping once captured.

2. An Incredibly Suspenseful Monolouge

While M gave her speech to the Prime Minister, I almost had flash backs to the Loeb funeral during TDK. Waiting for Silva to make his move felt a lot like waiting for the Joker to take his shot. Once the DVD comes out, I'll have to do a full play by play video.

3. Q = Lucius Fox

The witty banter, the building of a relationship between these two characters is obvious. It also seems that there is a slow build to bigger gadgets in the next Bond flick.

I still think both movies are great, but if you feel like you've seen certain parts of this films before, it's not just you.