Notifications Concept

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After seeing this previous notification center mockup I thought how great it was but my biggest complaint with notifications is that it covers the top buttons and it doesn't give off the concept that notifications are "behind" (Or should be) the main system ui. I also really hate linen.

notifications (via jreed912)

Sorry for the terrible photoshop video, still figuring it out.

But as you can see here the concept of notifications always being "behind" the ui is now in full force, just like how siri is "behind" the ui. Also clicking the notification will push the ui you're currently on to the bottom and out. Then will bring up a quick reply for messages or email.

notificationcenter (via jreed912)

As well as swiping to delete needs to be implemented, I'm tired of missing that tiny x.

I have a few more ideas (one for the universal search that I need to mock up) but thought I'd share this first.