Lumia 920: A phone worth going to jail for...

The Nokia Lumia 920 released in retails stores yesterday, here in Australia. I decided to take my lunch break early (8:30am) so that I could get to the shops early and be first in line to get one (only one carrier has one, and my local shop had 2 to sell at close of business yesterday, when I went in to check).

I get there, first in line, get my phone (Black, my second preference to Red, but still very happy), and leave the store (he Telstra shop in Carindale, Brisbane, for anyone wondering). As I'm walking to the parking lot, I realise that some dude has been walking behind me since I left the shop.

As I stop at at the street before the parking lot, I hear the dude's footsteps getting closer, within a metre or 2 of me. I turn around to get a look at him, only to see a fist flying towards my face. It connects squarely with my jaw. He then goes for my Telstra shopping bag.

Now, fortunately for me, I used to play Rugby, in the front row, so I have enough neck muscle to handle copping a punch or two in the face. My reaction is to roll with the punch slightly, then straighten up and stare at the dude, while holding firmly onto my shopping bag.

Next thing I know, the little rat-tailed bugger is running through traffic to get away, and I'm just standing there dumbfounded, not quite sure of what just happened.

I'll try to inform shopping centre security of the incident later today.

So there we have it, the Lumia 920: A phone worth potentially going to jail for.