Nexus 4 in Shopping Cart [UPDATE]

I have been sitting here for going on an hour with a Nexus 4 (16GB) sitting in my cart and i just cant finish the process. i continue to try but i always get that yellow banner that tells me Google play is under high demand. my question is: i have this in my cart, and it hasn't disappeared like it was 2 hours ago. Am i almost there? is this thing going to be mine? or am i sitting here waiting for something that isn't actually there, hoping that the next click on the blue Proceed button will give me the confirmation i so dearly want.

anyone else got this same situation? Is this a sign that i have one just waiting to get processed or am i sitting here in vain with a hope on stock that is already gone?

its so close!! and i have a buyer for my Galaxy Nexus!


After having a quick dinner i came back and clicked away with all my regained energy and i am happy to report that after about 200 clicks(?) i was able to get the popup window from google wallet and it is ordered. theres proof that it was still in stock at 6:30pm EST and that patience is a virtue (and that high paced clicking games are really training for the real world)