Is 'True Multi-tasking' Worthwhile?

It seems that most people talk about how Androids version of muti-tasking is superior to other platforms.

But I don't really see any ways that it is. I do see one problem though: battery life.

After using my DNA for a while now, I see that its getting much better life than my Galaxy Nexus was, despite having a supposed larger, higher resolution screen and smaller battery.

Something I've noticed is that Sense is killing inactive apps more quickly than my Nexus. In fact, my Nexus doesn't really seem to kill anything at all.

Which brings me to this point: Why is true multi-tasking even important on a mobile device? Who's running a number crunching program on their phone that they would need an app to stay active in the background?

If the way Apple handles 'multi-tasking' aka, pausing the app, is aiding in increasing the battery life of their devices, I'd be all for it.

What are you guys thought?