Nexus 4 shipping in 6-7 Weeks

Google is killing me. The Google Play store is now showing "6-7 weeks" as the shipping time for the Nexus 4. Why do they think this is okay? Also I keep refreshing the checkout page and pressing "proceed" but it keeps giving me an error message. Many others are experiencing the same thing. 6 weeks is past Christmas when I'm supposed to be unwrapping my Nexus 4. I am really mad at Google and am now wondering if my proceed button ever works, if I should even buy the phone. Upsetting and irritating. What upsets me the most is that none of this would be a problem if Google had just done a preorder. They would have upped production to fit what was ordered. Please share any tips for ordering and anything else. Thanks.


IT WORKED!!!! My order is through but it still said 6-7 weeks. 8GB Nexus 4 ordered.