What would be best?

Hello everyone! First post on the verge, though I've been reading it for awhile now.

I seem to be in a tad of a dilemma.

So I'm a senior in high school and I'm looking to replace my laptop before college, it's a really old inspiron 1720. When I first heard about the Surface Pro, I thought it would be perfect. I'm currently running Windows 8 on all my computers at home and I'm seeing an increase in performance, especially on my main gaming rig. But even with some improvements, my old inspiron is on it's last legs. My original plan was to wait for the Surface Pro and get it as soon as it comes out so I would be able to use it in the latter part of the year and through college. But with my laptop dying and my need for it because of coursework, I'm considering forgoing waiting and getting the RT.

Would that be worth it?

I'm really looking for something that would be best for a student in terms of productivity. I'm not carrying my gaming rig to college so I would mostly be using either the Surface or Surface Pro for writing essays, compiling presentations, running simulations if I decide to take engineering (I'm thinking of studying biomedical engineering), and just enjoyment through apps and stuff.

From what I've heard of the RT, it has superior battery life but not the best conformance, and I wouldn't be able to run full programs. That's why I'm kind of hesitant to get it, I would want to be able to do everything I can do on a laptop on my tablet device. But the pro is a tad heavier and for a student with a lot of books already, weight might be an issue. Though the ability to run full x86 programs would be extremely useful.

So what should I do? Should I wait for the Pro and hope my laptop doesn't die? I can't really use the gaming rig for coursework due to distraction and it's also the family computer. Or should I give in and wait for the RT and learn to cope with not having x86 apps.

And it looks like I won't be able to get both the pro and the RT and I wouldn't be able to get a laptop along with the RT due to budget.