Anyone else underwhelmed by the smartphones out there right now?

A year ago I was glued to my computer reading scores of articles a day about the latest and greatest... now I just feel kind of disinterested in the whole market. I am still using a sprint gsII and the new phones out there don't exactly make me feel like my current device is deficient in ANY way (part of that was my choice, that is why I chose the gsII in 2011, it was the best android phone of the year).

Better screens don't get me excited, my battery life is decent already, the stuff I do on my phone I can do perfectly fine with 2011 SoC... what has anyone released to entice us in the way phones did in the past?

Honestly, I'd be more excited over a laptop that got all day battery life, that would at least qualitatively affect my laptop using life for the better. But phones look like they are slowing down in terms of excitement and novelty, BIG time.

Some ideas that would make me more excited about a phone would be:

- pureview 808 class camera and mic in something closer to the sizes of the smartphones on the market now. And throw in some SoCs and cameras capable of 4k recording, or 1080p at greater than 120fps recording.

Unicorn talk you say? so what, make it happen.

- Microsoft actually releases a phone that looks like the surface phone render:



- Not a phone specific thing, more of a network thing, I want to live in a world and a time when LTE coverage blankets more area than 3g, where I can completely connect my phone and car to the internet without the dropped connections.

Not sure what else there is.