HTC 8X Issues?

HTC 8X Software Problem (Windows Phone 8) ( )

So, after 2 or so weeks of ownership, WP8 is starting to drive me nuts.

First of all, there isn't much to be impressed with with the OS overall. It's not exceedingly fast compared with 7.5, there aren't any exciting new features and now, it's proving to be more buggy than my WP7 handset ever was (to this day my 7.5 handset runs fine - better than the 8 in fact).

Today, first the chat settings wouldn't open and when they did, messages don't come in or go out (simply get the 'can't sen, try again' error).

Then, none of my mailboxes would open, except for that one on the bottom right, but it stays blank (you won't see it due to overexposure). A reboot doesn't fix this, as you'll see the issues return once the screen has been off and on again.

Anyone experience anything similar? How about a solution?