Buying a New TV: Need Some Advice / Opinions

I know there are probably a whole lot of forum posts on here and elsewhere where someone asks everyone which TV (or device) they should get. This is no exception.

I have had a 32", 720p Samsung LCD TV since mid 2009 and am ready to upgrade. My price range is from $500-$700.

Here are my criteria:

  • No 3D
  • No Smart TVs
  • No more than 120hz Refresh Rate
  • Slim Body
That narrows it down pretty well, but I've found several TVs on Amazon that I think are worth getting. I just need to choose one. Here are a couple I found:



This is where you come in fellow consumers. If you could let me know of any good deals or just recommend me the best TV based on what I've laid out above, that would be amazing.

Thank you to anyone who responds. :)