RT: Think MS / third party will introduce a portrait stand?

Unlike some, I like portrait mode on the RT. I don't see the downside of e.g. being able to 'glance and go' to a much larger viewable portion of a news site. The only serious issue when held portrait for me has been one that's probably going to be a factor of all RT devices, and that's the capacitive Windows button - which I still think is a dumb idea.

Since when flipped to portrait with the keyboard on the left hand side the power connector is on the bottom, I was wondering if there was a possibility for third parties (or most likely MS, since let's face it the Surface is no iPad in terms of projected sales to recoup such production costs) to intro a portrait charging stand. In addition to general purpose use, I also use tablets as an adjunct screen alongside my desktops for web browsing and given such a stand I would find an RT more useful than the iPad in the same role - less brushing around for the most part.

Such a stand would also remove one other serious hardware issue for me, and that is the joke of a power connector. Of course the stand would need to be dockable with either the touch or type cover folder behind or in front of the unit - which presents some challenges, but I don't think it's impossible.

Any chance, ya think?