Reason to hate Nexus 10...From a Nexus fan

Let me just start this by how much I love the Nexus series. I feel no other device ousts the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. I know it is rather silly, but here goes.


It is not a rant, mearly a suggestion for the Nexus 10. Regardless of wether you red this post, I LOVE THE NEXUS 10. IT IS SIMPLY THE BEST. Why does the phone-like layout appear on a 10 Inch Tablet like apple's ipad (just to be clear, I HATE Apple)?? Apple already kills the tablet UI. I agree with the consistancy of phone and a tablet but A tablet needs to feel special and not like an oversized phone (like Apple) . Why waste all the extra size (like Apple) ? A person can easily multi task with his left hand, go back to the home screen, go back, and use his right hand to see all his notifications, manage his settings etc. Also, the discomfort of having to strech your fingers is also a pain. For example: When you are in a game. the notification bar disappears. It dosen't make all that sense to me. There is so much of space on a 10 inch screen, every thing can be fit into one, single bar. Gingerbread, for example, was not optimised for a tab. However, honeycomb was optimised for a great tablet experience. The "craziness" and "futurism" as people called it, was greatly toned down. What was left of it was a great, simple, easy-to-use tablet UI that was greatly loved by all people, including me. The same tradition was continued with Android 4.1. But, the mistake that was applied in <v3.1 versions of android is seemingly made here. Though this is not complained by much people, it is known. Since Android is all about flexibility, why don't the usersdecide? I mean, keep an option for that in the settings menu. Settings--> Display. I'l stop here. Thank you for your time