Love Android, but I want to try something new..

So I've been using Android for about 3 years, and worth every update I love it more. The thing is I'm a little tired of the Same experiences with these devices. I just sold my Galaxy S3 in favor of a Droid DNA. I really love this phone and definitely wouldn't give it up. Its enjoyable to use and the hardware is top notch quality, including the screen. I've went through multiple Android phones and some offered a different experience than others that kept the experience fresh. I went from the Motorola Droid to the HTC Thunderbolt, which offered a bigger screen, newer software than stock Android, and LTE. Next I went from the HTC Thunderbolt to the Galaxy Nexus where I was greeted with Google's brand new operating system that breathed new life into Android along with top of the line specs at the time. The Galaxy Nexus quickly showed is age in a mere 10 months and I was ready to find something else. So then came along the Samsung Galaxy S3. The screen and hardware, and the longevity of the battery was a bit of a step up. Couple that with some neat stuff TouchWiz offered, it felt like a worthy upgrade. Quickly afterwards, I began getting tired of the same thing. Despite how different these devices seemed, it was still Android. Later on Verizon and HTC announced the Droid DNA. I really wanted a high quality screen for once. And to my surprise, battery life seemed to work well around my schedule. So I sold my S3 for the DNA in hopes of rekindling my passion for Android.

The thing is, I love this phone and I love Android, but its time to just try something different for a while. There's nothing wrong with the phone in my experience (except some Sense stuff), and Android works really well. Even better than other operating systems in a lot of respects. I've been eyeing the competetion for a while. To be specific, the Windows Phone 8X and the iPhone 5. I don't plan on leaving Android, but rather take the opportunity to feel for the competetion and what they can improve in my daily smartphone usage.

So my question to my fellow Android users: if you were to take a break or leave Android, where would you go?