So Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 8 SDK in favor of Blue?, Whats the big deal?

So now pundits and trolls are yet again predicting the fall of Microsoft bases on the rumor that Microsoft will stop supporting the Windows 8 SDK in favor of Blue's. Me wonders, what is the big deal? First of all, support for Windows 8 has been confirmed to extend to at least 2023 so there is nothing to be afraid of, Blue will be just Windows 8.1 and will be more than likely compatible with the current array of Windows 8 hardware, It can even be just the case of an update to the OS, or a very cheap one, no one outside Microsoft knows for sure. Second of all, is this anything bad at all?, Of course not, not a different treatment to what we receive already from Microsoft and any other company, If you don't update to the latest iOS version, chances are that newer apps will not run on your device, If you don't update to the latest version of Direct X, chances are that games will not run fully or at all, Same for the .Net framework, etc, etc, etc... Android needs to be compatible with a wider array of versions because of fragmentation and mainly because Android 2.3 is still the most widespread version and is not going down any time soon.