Estimated first month revenue: Windows 8? $1.6 billion ... Windows 7? $5.6 billion

This is based off of this article:

Which states Windows 7 also sold approximately 40 million licenses in the first month.

Are people concerned with the much smaller amount of revenue that Microsoft is getting when the next version of the operating system is 3-4 years away and will probably have similar upgrade costs?

This could, potentially, be horrible news for Microsoft's cash holdings, limiting the things they can do substantially (acquisitions, hardware investments, etc).


Note, I used the following license/upgrade cost:

Windows 8 - $40

Windows 7 - $150

I reached the $150 given the following:

Free upgrade if purchased a Windows Vista laptop one month prior to launch - tiny percentage of people

$30 if you are a student - a small, but not huge percentage of people

$120 for Home edition and $200 for professional (which i've split 50/50).

To get an average cost of around $140 per license.